“The Call Report helped me as a retired veteran realize more of who I am and what my strengths are. This allowed me to translate my military experience into something that non-military people understand.”  
                                   Todd E.  
                Retired Air Force (22 years of service include 16 years in Army Special Ops)

GI Bill


Make the most of your benefits by understanding what training program will serve you best.  We can help you identify which careers will take full advantage of your gifts and talents.


Resume Building


It can be frustrating translating your military skills into civilian speak.  We know, we've been there.  We can help take the guess work out and show you how to think of your skills in a new way.


Spouse Support


We recognize that soldiers can't function without a strong support system at home.  We want to help Veteran Spouses discover and use their God-given talents to impact this world.  

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