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Academic Institutions

 CWAP has the amazing ability to assist Academic Leaders in providing High School as well as College students “Directional Wisdom” to insure that the student and parents not only don’t waste their money chasing a line of education that a student later doesn’t embrace, but also wasting years of valuable time within the higher levels of education.   We provide the tools to match individual gifts and talents with career choices and occupational swings and opportunities to maximize success.


Team Building


With our “Call Report” and Personalized Coaching, CWAP can assist Senior Staff in helping build business units and support staff that understand each other’s strengths and limitations in an effort to identify and create an environment of positive unification and reinforcement vs. staff competition and back biting.

Corporate Placement


As an Executive, how can you be sure that your staff is being positioned in the most advantageous jobs that maximize their personal strengths in relation to your corporate or unit objectives and goals?  CWAP provides that type of “Directional Evaluation” and give you the opportunity to match gifts and talents to challenges and roadblocks.

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