Career Change

Career Change


Do you get a sense that you are ready for a change in occupation?  It's completely normal.  However, it can be difficult knowing how to jump from one job sector to another.  Our coaches can help you get clarity on what fields would be worth pursuing, understand how well you would enjoy working in an alternative field, and help you learn how to market yourself.  

Baby Boomers


Are you wanting to find a purpose in your retirement?  We can help you find your retirement career whether it's in ministry or as a second career.  You have so much to offer.  Let us help you plug into the right occupations where you can mentor the next generation of leaders.

Personal Branding


Have you ever struggled explaining your value in a way that makes you stand out?  So many times people talk about what they've done rather than who they are.  Our coaches and assessment tools will help you gain clarity on how to present yourself in an authentic and  unique way. 


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