Our Philosophy

At Careers With A Purpose©, we have come to understand that the world views finding a job as a tough, selfish and sometimes lonely struggle filled with uncertainty and discouragement. God never intended that to be your experience during this important time of your life. As a faith-based ministry we believe that God is encouraging you to turn to Him in prayer, allowing all your burdens and cares to be shared with Him.  We believe that God is Good and His Love and Grace will give you, our client, an extra measure of peace, hope and joy.  He has led us to you to share our knowledge and skills to show you where to focus your search based on your skill sets, aptitudes and passion.  We are coming alongside of you, to help you find His answer for your next career move.


We call our Coaching philosophy the Careers With A Purpose Advantage©.


It is a comprehensive approach to accomplishing three specific goals:


  1. Restoring Hope and Joy.
    1. Our focus is on restoring hope in the future and joy in the Lord.
  2. Rebuilding self-confidence.
    1. Our focus is on rebuilding confidence in yourself and in your approach to the job search.
  3. Sharpening your job search skills.
    1. Our focus is on mastering practical new skills to allow you to be highly competitive in your job search.


We accomplish these three key goals by focusing on the following areas.


  1. Rebuilding Emotional Stability - Most people are caught off guard when informed of the loss of their employment. The emotions involved in processing this trauma are real and intense. Careers With A Purpose© has developed a tool called the Life Change Cycle® to depict the cycle of emotions one must process when faced with this challenge. We coach people to never process these emotions alone, but to actively seek out prayer partners to help pull them out of the whirlpool of doubt and fear. We teach them that worry and fear cannot exist in the same space with hope, faith and action.
  2. Encouraging Spiritual Growth - Many individuals buy into Satan’s lie that God is punishing them by taking away their employment. Much of their early anger and blame is directed toward God. Careers With A Purpose© coaches them to understand that today they are exactly where God wants them to be. Jeremiah 29:11 states “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” We teach people they may have less money, but they have more free time. They need to use this rare opportunity to draw close to the Lord and grow their faith like never before. Remember that delivering hope and a future is God’s plan for us.
  3. Building Relational Bonds - When processing their emotions, many people tend to withdraw and isolate themselves from family and friends. We have found that isolation is the enemy; it is Satan’s playground to convince them that they are a victim and they should simply quit. At Careers With A Purpose© we coach individuals to fight against that lie and to move out of their isolation by forming a prayer team to support and encourage them every day. We encourage clients to build a team they can both trust and lean on to find the job God has for them. In God’s plan, teamwork always wins the game.
  4. Improving Job Search Skills - Skills are learned and re-learned.  Unfortunately, many people are still using the same job search techniques they learned when they left school.  Many don’t realize that the game, the process of searching for a job, has changed forever because of the Internet and the marketplace.  Careers With A Purpose© coaches clients in the latest thinking to formulate their resumes, use God’s principles to network and understand what the hiring manager is looking for in an interview.


There is no shortcut or hidden path to success. These four building blocks are critical to laying a firm foundation to launch a successful job search. The Careers With A Purpose Advantage© is both unique and effective in delivering that desired result, to find a “career with a purpose”.


 We are praying for your success. We stand by you as coach’s, praying with you for clear guidance, as you continue on your path to your new career and in serving and growing God’s Kingdom.

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