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What is Careers With A Purpose?


Careers With A Purpose provides a bold faith-based initiative to encourage and equip students and adults to take positive steps towards finding and pursuing their career calling.  We have helped hundreds of people in all phases of life get clear on their gifts and vocations.  


Our coaches have years of human resources, education,  corporate, military, and ministry experience.  We have a passion for helping people discover their unique giftings regardless of where they are in life.  Our ability to see individuals the way God made them is evident in the way we work with our clients and each other.    



What is your goal?


To coach and inspire every generation of leaders to take positive steps towards discovering and pursuing their God-given strengths and career calling.


How do you hope to help students?


The ministry of Careers With A Purpose is coaching high school and college students and their families to find the right college major that fits the students God given strengths.  Our work has also led to increased communication between the parents and students when the parents adapt their message to their child’s communication style.


What about the adults?

We also focus on adults who are unemployed or unfulfilled in their current careers who are a seeking job transition or wishing to sharpen their job search skills. 


How did Careers With A Purpose get started?


Careers With A Purpose (CWAP) was founded by Gary Hansen. Gary is a career Human Resource professional having worked in both corporate America for 10 years and in a para-church ministry for 15 years as the Director of Human Resources.


In the fall of 2008 Gary was part of an executive leadership team that was down-sized with eight executives being laid off.  The emotional impact of this experience, at the height of the recession, is what led Gary to start Careers With A Purpose in February of 2009. Careers With A Purpose is a (501c3) non-profit ministry based in Denver, Colorado.


Careers With A Purpose 1-800-539-6030 1-800-539-6030 info@CareersWithAPurpose.org

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